Did you know 

Native Americans planted corn, beans, and squash(pumpkins are in the squash family) together so that they would help each other grow.Corn provides a natural pole for the bean vines to climb.Beans provide nitrogen into the soil that benefits all. Squash(in our case pumpkin) becomes a living mulch, preventing weeds and keeping the soil wet for all three to thrive.

Join us on Tuesday, June 7 from 3-7 pm for our Plant your own Three Sisters' Garden. This FREE kid activity is again made possible thanks to Debrucque Greenhouses of Canastota who are providing a planting station where all children receive corn, bean pole and pumpkin seeds to create their very own sisters' garden. Friends of the ONeida Library will join us for storytelling from 4-6pm and passing out coloring book pages. The City of ONeida Parks and REcreation Oneida Rail Trail will also be at the market.